Trading Hours

Understanding Trading Hours at Excent Capital

The availability of trading for different instruments can vary, and it's crucial to be aware of these specific trading hours before placing any trades.

Why do Trading Hours Differ?

Trading hours depend on the underlying market for each instrument. For example, the foreign exchange (forex) market operates 24/5, while stock exchanges typically have specific opening and closing times depending on their location.

How to Find Trading Hours:

While we cannot list all instrument-specific hours within this Help Center article, Excent Capital provides convenient ways to access this information:

  • Platform: Directly on the Excent Capital platform, you can find the specific trading hours displayed for each instrument. This information is usually readily available within the instrument details or specifications.
  • Customer Support: Our dedicated support team is always happy to assist you in finding the trading hours for any specific instrument you're interested in.

Benefits of Knowing Trading Hours:

Knowing the trading hours allows you to:

  • Plan your trades effectively: You can schedule your trading activity during the times when your desired instruments are available for trading.
  • Avoid placing orders outside market hours: Orders placed outside trading hours will typically be queued and executed at the start of the next available trading session, potentially affecting your entry or exit price.
  • Manage your risk exposure: By understanding when markets are closed, you can adjust your positions accordingly and potentially mitigate potential risks associated with overnight gaps or sudden price movements.


  • Trading hours vary depending on the underlying market for each instrument.
  • Utilize the resources available on the Excent Capital platform or contact our support team to find the specific trading hours for your desired instruments.
  • By being aware of trading hours, you can make informed decisions, manage your risk effectively, and optimize your trading experience.

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