Can I open multiple accounts with different roles using the same email address?

Multiple Accounts with Same Email Address

No, Excent Capital currently allows only one account per email address. This is vital for maintaining security, complying with regulations, and protecting user privacy.

What if I Need Accounts with Different Roles?

If you require accounts with different roles, such as an Introducing Broker (IB), User, or Multi-Account Manager (MAM), you must use separate email addresses. This ensures clear differentiation and compliance with platform rules.

Additional Options:

While separate emails are required for different roles, you can still leverage some flexibility:

  • Same Verification Documents and Phone Number: You can open different trading accounts within the same email address if you want to:
  • Multiple Trading Accounts within a Single Email: Link your bank account information
    • Manage separate strategies: Each account can be tailored to a specific strategy, risk tolerance, or asset class, allowing for better organization and individual performance tracking.
    • Diversify your portfolio: Utilize separate accounts for different markets or asset classes, potentially mitigating risk and enhancing your long-term performance.

Key Points:

  • One account per email address.
  • Separate email addresses are required for different roles (IB, User, MAM).
  • You can use the same verification and phone number for multiple accounts.
  • Multiple trading accounts within one email are possible for distinct strategies or portfolio diversification.

Responsible Account Management:

Excent Capital encourages responsible account management. By understanding these guidelines, you can ensure a secure and compliant trading experience with different roles on our platform.

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